6th day Review and Opinion

6th day Review and Opinion


The 6th Day (2000)
Director: Roger Spottiswoode

review by Steven Hampton

Here you get two copies of 'der Arnold' for the price of one, as a sinister tycoon clones Schwarzenegger - to mask his own illegal carbon copy resurrection after being assassinated.
   A helicopter pilot is shocked and disturbed to find an identical 'twin' has taken his place at home - enjoying his own birthday party, sleeping with his wife, doing bad woodwork in his garage workshop. But, before he can protest at the presence of this doppelganger, hired killers attack our hero...
   What follows is simply one big expensively staged chase sequence, as Arnie trashes buildings - both domestic and commercial, destroys an entire corporate cloning lab - to wreck the villain's bid for immortality, and tangles violently with henchmen (and women!) that won't stay dead. Directed by the maker of Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, this is an entertaining SF actioner, with loads of genre humour that cleverly replays the "best mind-fuck yet" plot twists of Total Recall, while referencing tangential concepts from the scenario of Blade Runner - like congenital defects to control bio products.
   There's just enough happening beneath this film's slick techno-thriller surface to keep SF addicts happy (if it's only the satisfaction derived from poking holes in the narrative, and genetic science backdrops), while the variable pace is sufficient to please most undemanding action fans.previously published online, VideoVista #29

6th day Review and Opinion

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