Island by richard laymon Review and Opinion


Richard Laymon
Leisure paperback $6.99

review by Michael McCarty

Tragically, Richard Laymon passed away on 14th February 2001, just as he was finally getting the success he deserved. For years, Laymon wrote terrific terror tales but had to get them publish aboard, mostly in England, Australia and New Zealand.
   Publishers like Leisure and Cemetery Dance started publishing Laymon's work in the United States at the end the 20th century and he started having great success in his own country. But that soon ended on Valentine's Day, 2001 when the gentleman of horror passed away at far too young an age.
   Island was one of those books published overseas, now it is available in the US and the timing is perfect. With the runaway hit of Tom Hanks' film, Castaway, Island could be subtitled 'The Horny Castaway'. It is the story of a teenager named Rupert Conway who is about to break up with his girlfriend Connie, when he goes on vacation with her family the yacht explodes leaving the crew of seven stranded on a desert island.
   It gets worse. Much worse. Also on the island is a serial killer who is systematically killing the male population. Rupert is alone with three attractive women. At first this seem like paradise, but Rupert quickly accesses he's next in line.
   Island has it all - non-stop adventure, gruesome murders, a beautiful tropical island with three babes in bikinis, references to other island classics such as 'Robinson Crusoe' and Gilligan's Island, and plenty of thrills and laughs. In short, Island should please the legion of Laymon fans out there, as it's a terrific combination of comedy and terror. Highly recommended.
   There is also a fitting tribute/introduction by his friend and genre giant Dean Koontz.

Island by richard laymon Review and Opinion

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